Tawfeer Lebanon Supermarket Discount Stores


Tawfeer is a discount concept for Fast-moving consumer goods retail where the consumers find all their basic shopping needs at cheapest price in the market.
Tawfeer has grown to become one of the leading supermarkets in Lebanon, operating 11 stores across the country.

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Abbasiyya Diversion Branch, Qana Road, Tyr (Sour), Lebanon8 AM – 7.30 PM05 466 999

Ain El Delb

Ruzieh Contracting Company RCC., Saida - Jezzine Road, Haret Saida, Lebanon


Nabatieh, near Save Way Supermarket, Lebanon8 AM – 8 PM07 436 533

Kfar Roummane

Nabatieh, Kfar Roummane, Kfarrouman El Tahta, near Ghabris Station, Lebanon8 AM – 10 PM


Tyr (Sour), Masaken Main Road, near Mahmoud Home, Facing Gallery Ajami, Lebanon07 345 057


Tyr, Mjadel, near Foulard Al Jawhara, LebanonNO LOCATION


Baabda, Ouzai Main Street, next to Chamsine, near Adnan Helbawi School, Lebanon8 AM – 7 PM70 675 151


Tyr, Qana, Al-Khashna Main Road, near The Government Hospital, Lebanon8.30 AM – 11 PM81 700 053


Saida, Sarafand, next to Emperor Restaurant, near Hospital Kharroubi, Lebanon8 AM – 10 PM81 678 600

Wadi El Zayni

Chouf, Wadi El Zayni, Sebline, next to Patchi, Lebanon8 AM – 10 PM07 971 349

Tawfeer Supermarket Discount Stores Lebanon

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